Paris, France 12 15 December / 2012

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May 25 – 27 25 May 201727 May 2017
Trade show

The 18th China (Guangzhou) Interwine Wine & Spirits Exhibition

China, Guangzhou
The 18th China (Guangzhou) Interwine Wine & Spirits Exhibition – a premium event in the wine and elite alcoholic beverages industry. Leading companies...
Jun 14 – 17 14 Jun 201717 Jun 2017
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Expo Food Guangzhou 2017

China, Guangzhou
Expo Food Guangzhou 2017 – one of the biggest events in Asia for food market giants.The top companies will present organic meats and seafood, innovative...
Aug 19 – 21 19 Aug 201721 Aug 2017
Trade show

World Seafood Shanghai Exhibition 2017

China, Shanghai
FISHEX 2017 – an influential trade platform for the key seafood market participants.Industry leaders from dozens of countries will present a comprehensive...

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About the trade show

Industrial maritime trade show

VESSELS, Naval Architects - Designers - Design and
Engineering Firms, Shipyards: Sea-going Vessels:, Passenger Boats & Ships: Cruising Boats -
Ferries - HSC (high-speed craft), Passenger Catamaran, Passenger Launches, Service Vessels: Dredger Boatage, Pushing Tug - Pilot Boats - Tug Boats, Supply Vessels, Administrative Vessels: Merchant Vessels, Cargo Transport - Cargo Boat, Industrial Fishing Vessels, Trawlers, Tuna Seiners - Tuna Longliners, Coastal & Traditional Fishing Craft: Purse, Seiner - Trawlers - Mussel Boats, Crabbers - Net Fishing Boats -Line Trawlers - Tuna Longliners, Boats & Barges for Shellfish & Oyster, Culture - Amphibious Vessels, Research Vessels or Special Work Boats, Shipyards: Inland vessels: Passenger Ships - Cruising - Hotel -Restaurant – Excursion, Floating Hostel - House Boats, Barges - Small Barges (Penichettes), Passenger Ferries and Cargo Ferries, River Barges - Canal Boats - River Traders, Pushers - Tug Boats, REPAIRS & CONVERSION: SEA-GOING AND INLAND VESSELS, Shipyards: Repairs & Maintenance, Conversion - Refit – Jumboization, EQUIPMENT & NAVAL TECHNOLOGIES, Motorization - Propulsion - Transmission - Onboard Generator: Fitters, Couplings, Reduction Reversing Gears, Transmissions, Belts, Straps, Propellers, Surface-piercing Propellers, Rudder propeller, Shafting, Auxiliary Engines, Marine Diesel Engines (main), Bow Thruster, Alternators, Vibration Absorbers, Thermic Exchangers, Centrifuges for Oils and Combustibles, Separators - Decanters – Filters, Viscometers, Fuels – Combustibles, Treatment - Engine Testing, Marine Engine Protection Products and
Lubricants, Maintenance & Services, Other, Electricity - Electrical Power: Fitters, Onboard Automatics, Navigational gear, Boards - Consoles – Cabinets, Batteries, Alternators, Generators, Control Systems, Lighting, Generator Sets, Electrical Cables, Miscellaneous arts and Instruments, Other, Electronics - Data Systems – Communications, Fitters, Communications, Controls and Alarms, Sounders and Sonars, Radar, Traction Indicators, Captors, Navigational and Surveillance, Instruments – Compasses, Positioning, Pilots, Remote Monitoring, Embedded Computing – Computer, Solutions and Software, Other, Refrigerating Plants and Air-Conditioning: Refrigerating Plants - Cold Store -Ice Machines, Heating, Air-conditioning, Hydraulics: Steering Control System, Hydraulic Stations, Winders – Reels, Hoses and Couplings, Cranes, Power Block, Winches - Net haulers - Pot haulers -
Line haulers, Net Graders, Capstans, Pumps, Other, Coatings - Treatments and Paints: Paints and Antifouling, Coatings and Varnishes, Sandblasting, Metal Spraying, Cathode and Anode Protection, Sound Insulation, Fenders and Plates, Resins, Polyesters and Composite Materials, Other, Naval Equipment & Miscellaneous Tackle: Anchors, Professional Inflatables & Semi-Rigid, boats, Boats / Life Rafts and Lifeboats, Chains, Cables, Foundry, Rope, Shackles, Hardware and Fasteners, Valves and Pipeworks, Water Pumps, Decking and Wheelhouse, Tanks, Tightness and Insulation, Doors and Closings, Windows and Portholes, Other, Ship's Equipment: Pilot Seats,Galley, Weighing, Pumping,Filtration, Evaporators, distillation units, Desalination Units, Reverse osmosis installations, Sanitary Equipment and WC, Cleaning and Maintenance Products, Cabin Equipment, Other, Safety Equipment:, Fire Fighting Equipment, Work clothes and Oilskins, Survival Equipment and Survival kits, Inflatable Life Rafts and Tenders, Distress kit, Other, FISHERY & MARINE CULTIVATION, Fishery Equipment: Measuring Equipment, Processing Equipment for Fishery, Products, Packaging, Packing, Refrigerating Units, Storage - Crates - Trays – Tanks, Trawl Winches
4.1.8 Assorted Winches - Winders - Windlasses – Capstans, Cranes and Hoists, Pot Haulers, Net Haulers, Line Haulers, Power-Block, Trawl Boards - Trawl Floats – Bobbin Floats, Slippers, Cables and Chains - Trawl Warps, Gillnets - Drift Nets - Special Nets, Trawl nets, Seine nets, Ropes, Rods and Lines, Pots and Traps, Other, Marine Cultivations: Breeding Seed Oysters and Fry, Breeding Equipment - Pumps - Filters -
Heating - Fish Tanks, Care and Maintenance Products, Measuring Products and Tests, Veterinary Products, Food Products, Miscellaneous Materials, Other, PORT ACTIVITIES, Ports, Autonomous Ports, National Ports, Departmental Port, River Ports, Quayside Equipment: Heavy Pontoons and Floating Pontoons
Fixed Pontoons - Gangways – Catways, Berthing and Mooring / Quay and Boat
Protections / Shields, Chains & Cables, Quick-Release Hooks / Bollards, Wave Attenuators, Storage / Tanks, Electricity and Lighting Terminal Posts, Water Distribution Point, Facilities, Dredging Equipment, Automated and Computer Integrated, Material Handling Systems, Handling and Hoisting Equipment, Assorted Trucks, Cranes - Gantry Crane, Boat Lifts, Boat Parking, Bulk Handling Equipment, Containers, Other, Pollution Prevention, Control, and Clean up, Equipment, Pollution Detection and Tracing, Analysis Equipment, Bio-Degradable - Dispersing – Absorbing Products, Pumping, Filtration, Floating barrages, Other, Port Facilities: Stevedores, Boatage, Pilotage, Towage, Forwarding agents, Provisioning, Other, SHIPPING LINE, Sea-going Lines / Inland Lines, Fishery, Service, Parcel Traffic, Passenger carrier, OFFSHORE, Equipment:, Special Ships, Barges and Platform, Floating Production and Storage Units, Sounding - Drilling - Injection Equipment, Operational Research Equipment, Treatment and Analysis Equipment, Deep-Sea Diving Equipment, Handling and Hoisting Equipment, Miscellaneous Equipment, Services: Oil Tankers and Companies (Oil / Gas /Minerals), Special Technical Assistance, Underwater and Hyperbaric Work, Geo-technical Seabed Reconnaissance, Research and Engineering, OCEANOGRAPHY –ENVIRONMENT, Oceanography: Specialist Institutes and Agencies, Oceanographic Measurements, Hydrographic and Geophysical Equipment, Bathymetry, Professional Diving Clubs and Centres,Professional Diving Equipment, Underwater Robots and Remotely Controlled Vehicles (ROV), Underwater Cameras, Underwater Exploration and Operation
Equipment, Image Processing, Meteorology, Cartography, Other, Environment: Coastal Research and Engineering, Institutes, Coastal Ecological Protection, Specialist Research Laboratories and Bodies, Associations, Foundations and Economic, Interest Groups Specialising in the Environment, Equipment for the Analysis and Treatment of Water, Development of the Ports and Beaches, Equipment for the development of the Ports and beaches, Other, GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS, Ministries, Administrations, Local governments, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Professional Bodies, SERVICE COMPANIES, Certification & Classification, Banks / Financing, Insurance, Brokers, Marine surveyors, Shipchandlers, Advice, Research & Engineering Organisations, Laboratories & Centres of Study, Education & Vocational Training, Publishing
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Venue: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
Address: Paris cedex 15, France
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