SME fair 2012

Nairobi, Kenya 5 7 April / 2012

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About the trade show



SME 2011 was off to a great start having been officially opened by Hon. Martha Karua with Majority of the exhibitors been Small & Medium Business and organization with services & products targeting Smes in Kenya.


SME 2012 will be unique & exciting as we take it a notch higher with participants both locally & internationally who work directly or indirectly with SMEs and also a great opportunity


In partnership with Maple Management E.A.Ltd Small & Medium Entrepreneurial Resource Centre

(SMERC) shall host 2011: Small & Medium Enterprise Fair & Conference 2nd – 4th Of June 2011 at The Kicc.


The SME Fair & Conference 2011 promise to be bigger and better with an additional conference that will cover various topics that are affecting SMES in East Africa with Exhibitors & Speakers from both Local & international arena. The Fair 2011 shall be a business empowerment forum for individuals with Small to Medium size businesses and aspiring business owners, Start Ups & the General Public.


In most economies, Kenya included SMEs comprise approximately 99% of all firms and employ between them about 60% of the people. In many sectors, SMEs are responsible for driving innovation and competition. Globally SMEs account for 99% of business numbers and 40% to 50% of GDP.


For a long time Small to Medium size enterprises have been long ignored as they have transactions too large and complex for Micro finance but too risky for conventional financial institutions.


 Steadily the Government and different industries are understanding that SMEs are the Blood line of most economies and with the support in the challenges they face they can turn around the Economies of Countries like Kenya into the Future Power house and as Africa is the emerging continent Smes need to be taken more seriously and frame works put into place to assist this future Blue chips rise up to the challenges bestowed unto them.


We at SMERC work with Small & Medium Business Owners as facilitators and the Bridge that connects them to solvers of the problems they face. We are a resource centre for Start Ups, SMEs and other companies that are looking for information, assistance and empowerment in Entrepreneurship.


We believe the 3 Main challenges that Small to medium size business owners face are;


      Financial Support.

      Business Opportunities to be able to grow and diversify their businesses.

      Good Business practices.


Our Exhibitors categories are mainly;


1.      Micro Financing Institutes.

2.      Banks with SME Loan Facilities.

3.      NGOs & Government institutes & The International Community that fund & have capacity Building for SMEs.

4.      Organizations that Offer Business Opportunities & Diversifications.

5.      Business Consulting Companies that enable Businesses start and run successfully.






Our Audiences are……….


Ø  Small and Medium Entrepreneurs.

Ø  Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Ø  General Public.


Our main Objective as Small & Medium Entrepreneurial Resource Centre (SMERC) is to Support SMEs every step of the way as they implement Systems, Diversify, Finance and set up Good Business practices that govern Enterprises from Small Business to Large Corporate.



Finance play a big role in been part of the main challenges that start ups and existing Small to medium Enterprises. We work with Policy makers, Donors, Industry Associations and Financial Institutes to identify and overcome impediments to the provision of financial services to SMEs.

We believe the interaction between SME's and SME financiers’ provides an enabling platform for the exploration of new financial opportunities and lead to the development of longs standing beneficial relationships.




For most business to grow diversification is important as business owners and companies add products or services that are complementary to what they are already doing. But due to lack of information or companies looking to franchise or appoint agency, distribution channels or retailer ship with SMEs this is a constant challenge for their growth and prosperity.


                  BUSINESS CONSULTANCY.


Business Consultancy companies  play a major role in educating & Capacity building to Small to Medium Entrepreneurs on how to start and run a business successfully implement good business practices and systems in a business  for example, registration of a company, creation of company logos and business books, taxation, Business insurances and retirement benefit, Accounting systems etc.


Why Exhibit.

Exhibiting at trade shows, expos, conventions, fairs and other exhibitions gives you a unique sales opportunity that can also help you generate new leads, find suppliers, check out the competition, do some networking, and get publicity.


According to the Center for Exhibit Industry Research, it costs 62% less to close a lead generated from an exhibition than one originated in the field In short, what you can achieve at one exhibition  is what it would take you weeks or months to do from your offices.


Exhibitions are the surest way to meet many people with direct marketing option at a far lesser cost than conventional marketing opportunities available with only interested visitors visiting the exhibition your sure efficiently market your services & products.


Event Organizers.

Maple Management E. A. LTD.

Kirichwa Road,  Hurlighum.

Tel: 020 – 804 8985 / 6. 020 266 2117.


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Venue: KICC (Kenyatta International Conference Centre)
Address: Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi
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